What is Olymp Trade in Forex?

Olymp Trade is an international broker, educator and cutting-edge trading platform that provides much more than just basic online trading services.

Olymp Trade takes its responsibility as a responsible broker seriously, doing everything it can to reduce risk and make its customers satisfied. Its educational tools, demo accounts and 24/7 support are designed to assist traders in achieving financial success.

A trading platform for online trading and investments

Olymp Trade is an established online broker that provides its users with a range of services. Its user-friendly interface is accessible on web, mobile and desktop, making trading forex, cryptocurrencies and other assets effortless.

FinaCom backs the platform, guaranteeing your funds are safe and secure. You can withdraw funds from your Olymp Trade account in several ways, such as bank transfers or popular e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Withdrawals are free and the trading platform does not charge any fees for them. However, some e-wallet services may charge their own costs.

Olymp Trade provides traders with a wide array of assets to trade, such as major currencies like EUR/USD and minors, plus commodities like gold and oil. You may also trade stocks and indices.

Olymp Trade provides a wealth of educational resources to aid traders in honing their skills and strategies. This includes specialized webinars and price analysis of various assets. Plus, its customer support team are always ready to answer any queries you might have.

Demo accounts offer the chance to test out the platform without investing real money. With only $10 you can start trading and gain 10,000 virtual units of cash to practice with. This demo account option gives you a virtual trading environment in which to practice your strategies without risking anything.

The website is user-friendly and provides concise data on open and closed trades. Furthermore, there's a 24/7 help chat available for 24/7 accessibility.

Additionally, this broker offers a referral program that pays affiliates 50-60% commission for every new user referred by an affiliate. This is an excellent opportunity to make some extra income by referring friends and family members to this broker.

Olymp Trade boasts an impressive selection of deposit methods. These include Visa and MasterCard credit cards, as well as popular e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller and WebMoney.

Therefore, there are no restrictions on how much you can deposit or withdraw with this broker. This is an ideal feature for small investors who do not have access to as much capital to invest.

Start earning money with millions of traders

Olymp Trade is an innovative platform designed to assist traders of all skill and experience levels maximize their funds. It features an impressive partner portal, various trading account options and the chance to win prizes for your efforts as well.

What sets Olymp Trade apart is its real life backing by someone with actual financial trading experience. This provides traders with a huge advantage and guarantees an efficient customer service experience.

The site provides a wealth of useful resources and tools to maximize your investment, such as a wealth management section with informative articles. Furthermore, visitors have access to an array of tutorials and an extensive FAQs section.

Olymp Trade is one of the premier forex sites available, providing you with access to cutting-edge technology for your financial security.


Olymp Trade is an online trading platform that gives its users the tools they need to make money. It provides various assets and supports multiple currencies, as well as educational resources and webinars. Furthermore, its customer support team is available 24/7; additionally, Olymp Trade is regulated by the International Financial Commission (IFC).

Omp Trade provides several accounts, such as fixed time trades and leveraged trading. They also offer a demo account for new traders at no cost that allows them to test out the platform before investing real money.

This broker provides traders with a diverse selection of assets to trade, such as currencies, commodities, indices and ETFs. Furthermore, it enables traders to invest in OTC and crypto markets.

The Olymp Trade platform is user-friendly and straightforward to use, making it accessible even for newbies. With an interface available in 19 languages, this platform provides a range of analytical tools.

Its platform also offers Multiplier Mode, which limits losses to the amount traded. This can help you reduce risk and boost profits. Leveraged trading allows for up to 500x multipliers on trades.

Olymp Trade also provides a fixed time trades mode that enables users to profit from price movements by setting an agreed-upon time frame and opening a trade at that price. This type of trade can also be used to predict the closing price of an asset.

When opening a forex trade with Olymp Trade, you will select the currency pair, trade size and multiplier up to 500x. After selecting these components, you can set your take profit and stop loss targets accordingly.

Furthermore, you can place a buy order when the asset reaches a pre-specified strike price. This is an advantageous feature for novice traders who seek quick and straightforward profits.

The Olymp Trade team is highly knowledgeable and can quickly provide answers to your questions. They're accessible 24 hours a day via email, phone and chat - ready to answer any queries about their services and do everything in their power to assist you in reaching success in your trading career.

Customer service

Olymp Trade is a forex and CFD broker that provides numerous trading tools and features. Additionally, they have mobile apps available for enhanced on-the-go trading experiences.

Omp Trade's customer service department is unbeatable, boasting representatives available around the clock in 8 languages to answer your queries via email, phone or chat and offer guidance for making the most of your money.

They can suggest the ideal trading platform for you based on your individual circumstances, and guide you through the registration process to expedite account opening and trading activity.

Another excellent feature of Olymp Trade is their comprehensive tracking and recording system. This enables you to clearly see your progress as a trader and make more informed decisions about where to invest your hard-earned funds.

Olymp Trade provides an impressive suite of customer services, including a demo account to practice forex and CFD trading without risking actual money. This is the ideal way to learn about their offerings and maximize your trading experience with Olymp Trade. Save yourself time and money with this tool; it will let you know which services are likely to meet your requirements. Other impressive offerings from the company include trading tools, market data monitoring and real-time quote capabilities. There's even a forum and blog for traders to discuss their experiences. Furthermore, there is plenty of helpful FAQs and articles on various topics, including tips and strategies for increasing profits.