The Olymp Trade platform, renowned for its market trust and cutting-edge contemporary features, is a favourite of retail traders who access numerous financial products such as CFDs.

Such trading carries a high amount of risk. A large percentage of traders lose money. And some elements that are well-known to retail traders are to blame for their failure. They include trading without a plan, taking unwarranted risks, quitting winning deals too soon, and closing out lost bets too late. They also lack a clear grasp of how financial markets operate.

Do there exist Olymp Trade winning tips, then? Yes. While some of the advice we'll provide is generally all broker platforms, some are tailored specifically for trading on Olymp Trade. Now let's begin:

Best Strategy for Olymp Trade: Tips and Tricks

Olymp Trade trading tactics span from news trading to range trading, among others. Learn which ones are the most efficient and how they operate. Using these olymp trade tips and tricks, you may forecast the future results of your transactions on Olymp Trade.

1. Moveable averages (SMA best strategy for olymp trade)

2. Trade reversal

The trade cancellation function is one of the most advanced enhancements to Olymp Transaction's trading system. You may indeed cancel poor deals using the trade cancellation approach.

3. Fibonacci techniques

You might be unfamiliar with the Fibonacci approach. The Fibonacci technique was created by mathematician Leonardo Pisano and is a set of pricing analysis instruments inspired by his academic work.

4. News trading technique

What we mean by a news trading olymp trade cheats are trading that takes place before and after a news release based on market expectations and news. The news may be challenging to trade on due to how quickly it circulates via digital media. You will need to assess the news as soon as it is out and decide how to trade it right away. 

How to Win in Olymp Trade?

Bet no one will ever tell you these easy Olymp Trade Tricks.

Note: This best strategy for olymp trade has given results. It might work for you & may not.

First of all, we assume you know the proper basics of candlesticks.


First, Click on EMA Twice and set one as 200 & other as 100, and choose a different colour for more clarity.

How to use it?

That's all there is to it. If the yellow line (200 EMA) crosses and is above the blue line (100 EMA), the market is trending upward.

However, before entering a trade, also take the RSI into account.

What is RSI in Trading?

RSI is my favourite indicator, and it is the most simple & most accurate indicator in my experience.

How to use it?

Go to the indicator and click on RSI and keep it to 14 only.

Some basics of RSI first. Please do note it down.

Overbought: If that line crosses 70, then the market is overbought.

This level usually indicates the best price level has already been reached and the end of the UP trend.

Rules of Responsible Trading from a Top Broker

Decide whether you want to win or lose in olymp trading by setting the greatest amount you can. To get out of a transaction at the proper time, use stop loss and take profit orders


It's important to adhere to the accepted norms of trading profitably when it comes to olymp trade tips and tricks. They involve deepening your understanding of the financial markets, practising your strategies, lowering the risk to your trading capital, and enhancing your physiological trading abilities.