What is Olymp Trade?

Olymp Trade is an established and reliable digital options broker that has been in operation since 2014. It provides traders with the ability to trade on a wide range of assets, including stocks, commodities, currency pairs, indices, and more. 

As a regulated and licensed financial services provider, Olymp Trade ensures all transactions are secure and compliant.

Olymp Trade Indonesia is a subsidiary of Olymp Trade and offers its services to Indonesia traders. The company provides numerous educational resources to help traders learn the basics of trading digital options as well as advanced strategies for experienced traders. 

Their team of customer support representatives is available 24/7 via phone, chat, or email to answer any questions about their platform or trading instruments.

As a member of FinaCom since 2016, Olymp Trade provides its customers with an extra layer of protection and assurance due to their compensation fund. This esteemed broker boasts impressive success - confirming they are at the forefront of offering binary options trading services globally.

Olymp Trade Review: Pros and Cons


The One-Click Trading feature from Olymp Trade is one of its most popular features that has helped traders around the world become more successful in their investments. This unique feature enables traders to execute trades quickly and easily without needing to manually open and close each position. By simply clicking on a button, users can enter and exit a trade with minimal effort and within seconds. 

The One-Click Trading feature also provides flexible risk management settings which allow users to set their own levels of risk tolerance when trading digital options. This helps them manage their funds more effectively as they can adjust their risk level based on the amount they are comfortable investing in a particular asset or market.

Trading has never been easier! The web and mobile trading platforms of Olymp Trade offer a streamlined, user-friendly experience - enabling maximum efficiency for all your trades. Olymp Trade provides hassle-free access to fast, reliable trading on the go with their convenient mobile app. You can download Olymp Trade for Android and iOS devices. 

Trade confidently with a broad selection of assets in various markets around the world. Enjoy a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to help you reach your trading goals quickly and effortlessly.

Olymp enables customers to make payments with confidence, offering a plethora of payment options. Securely and efficiently complete transactions using the option best suited for your trading needs!

With comprehensive training methods, Olymp offers unparalleled support to its clients. From individualized instruction to group sessions and tutorials, they are dedicated to helping customers achieve success in every venture.


The deals and bonuses are sometimes not available. In that case, you need to wait for a while before a new deal or bonus skims appear on your dashboard. 

Unless you are a verified member of Olymp Trade Indonesia , it will be hard for you to withdraw your balance. 

Is Olymp Trade safe or a scam?

Olymp Trade is successfully running its operations in multiple countries, including Kenya. It provides access to Forex and Binary options trading markets.

However, there are many questions regarding the trustworthiness of Olymp Trade. Is Olymp Trade scam or safe?

Olymp Trade has generally been rated positively on various online Olymp Trade review sites such as TrustPilot and FPA. Reviews state that the platform is easy-to-use and reliable for traders of all levels. Furthermore, many users report having had positive experiences with customer service. This suggests that Olymp Trade is not a scam.

Another factor that makes Olymp Trade seem reliable is its regulation status. The company has been regulated by the International Financial Commission (FinaCom) since 2016 and has consistently held Category ‘A’ membership since then. 

FinaCom is an independent institution that helps resolve financial disputes between traders and brokers while also providing traders with compensation should they suffer losses due to a broker’s negligence or fraudulence. 

Therefore, the presence of regulation means that Olymp Trade is unlikely to be a scam and clients will be protected if anything goes wrong with their investments or trades on the platform. 

Olymp Trade also features several security measures which protect user accounts against unauthorized access and cybercrime activities such as phishing attacks or identity theft. 

Additionally, all personal information shared with Olymp Trade is encrypted using SSL technology and stored securely on secure servers inaccessible from any external sources, giving users an extra layer of protection against data breaches or hacking attempts. 

It can therefore be concluded from the above evidence that Olymp Trade Indonesia is not a scam but rather a trustworthy online trading platform with necessary security measures in place for user protection against fraudulence, cybercrime, etc., making it safe for use by traders everywhere.

Olymp Trade demo account

Olymp Trade has been gaining huge popularity in Indonesia due to its flexible trading options and user-friendly interface. The demo account feature of Olymp Trade is one of the main reasons why traders and investors in Indonesia are drawn to it. 

With the help of a demo account, users can familiarize themselves with the trading platform and gain an understanding of how different assets behave in different market conditions. Start your Olymp Trade journey today with 10,000 virtual funds and practice before you invest.

Olymp Trade account types

Along with the demo account, Olymp Trade comes with three types of accounts. These accounts tailor for all kinds of investors from beginner traders who want to become professional traders looking for maximum gains with minimum losses. 

Regardless of your experience level or investment objectives, you can choose your account types - no matter whether you are trading with a demo account or not.

For those who prefer lower risks, Olymp Trade offers Starter accounts with higher deposits and features such as personal manager support, weekly cashback bonus, and risk-free trades. This account type provides more flexibility in terms of leverage and margin requirements and a greater range of trading instruments available for traders.

Surviving the market starts at this stage, where managing your money becomes just as important as making it. Attention to capital and emotional management is integral - without these skills, you'll struggle to maintain a healthy financial balance long-term.

When you know how to trade and make money, you should invest with an advanced account. If you want to make more money, an advanced account gives you the option. With this account, you will get access to basic trading signals, three Expert Advisors, and basic & private education. 

On top of that, you will get 12 to 15 unique strategies to make your revenue double. And, the personal analyst for a month will definitely boost your overall experience using the broker. You’ll also get dedicated deposit methods for Olymp Trade Indonesia to invest more money fast.

For professional traders who enter big trades with high volumes, Olymp Trade has created the Expert Account type that allows user to maximize their profits while minimizing their losses. This account type offers exclusive market analysis tools, direct access to a highly experienced analyst team, special unrestricted bonuses, and other exciting features. 

With this account, You have to take a bold step to invest in Olymp Trade with a $2,000 capital. At this point, you are becoming an active participant and your primary focus is earning regular profits from trading.

An expert account may be the ultimate test for you. Olymp Trade is not just a gamble--it could provide an opportunity to make real money, but only if it's right for you and your goals. Can you handle the psychological challenge? It's up to you to decide!


Olymp platform enables traders to capitalize on trading opportunities with a variety of leverage sizes, allowing them maximum flexibility when it comes to executing their transactions. The highest available is 400:1; popular Forex pairs such as EUR/USD can access up to 30:1 and lesser-known forex trades like NZD/AUD offer 20:1 leverage.

Account opening in Olymp Trade Indonesia

Creating an account with Olymp Trade Indonesia is easy and secure. All you need to do is sign up for an account using your email address and a password. After that, you’ll be able to access the Olymp Trade platform where you can begin trading in forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and more. 

In a nutshell, you need to follow the steps to create an account in Olymp Trade Indonesia :

  1. Click on Registration from the top-right corner of the website.
  2. Put your email and password
  3. You can even open an account with your Apple, Facebook, and Google account.

When you’re done with the account opening, you can simply start trading with the minimum deposit of $10 and get the first-time bonus.

However, we recommend using the DEMO Account before investing to test how Olymp Trade works. If you are using Olymp Trade apps, you can even try checking Olymp Trade review to see what people are thinking about it.


The fees of Olymp Trade are relatively low and competitive compared to other online trading platforms. Olymp Trade does not charge commissions or any additional fees for opening and closing trades. 

You can deposit any amount ranging from $10 - you also don’t need to pay additional fees as a deposit charge. However, Olymp Trade Indonesia may charge you 0.8% to 15% based on the total investments as the brokerage fee.


Due to the popularity of Olymp Trade, it comes with almost all kinds of financial instruments including the following:

Trading Platform

Olymp Trade has recently joined MetaTrader 4 - the most famous and all-time popular trading platform for retail traders in the world. Olymp Trade Indonesia introduces MetaTrader to increase efficiency in foreign exchange trading.

So, how does MetaTrader helps Olymp Trade to engage with more users?

With an impressive 18-year legacy, MetaTrader 4 has been the go-to platform for traders globally since 2005. It provides a complete package of trading components and tools to ensure successful outcomes. 

Key features include real-time market analysis, charting capabilities with access to thousands of financial instruments plus advanced order types such as one-click execution and automated strategies - making it the ideal solution regardless of your experience level in online trading


Olymp Trade Indonesia does not require you to provide spreads. 

However, if you are an Advanced Account user, the charge commission is up to 13.5% and 20% for Expert Account users. 

Traders have flexibility in selecting the account type most suitable for them, ranging from a minimum deposit of $10 up to $5,000. Additionally, there are limitations on positions opened and amounts traded that vary with each designated account level.

Customer Support

Another key advantage of Olymp Trade is its customer support team, which is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns traders may have. The team can be reached via live chat, email, or phone, and is known for providing quick and helpful responses.

Olymp Trade is a reliable and trustworthy trading platform, that offers high-quality customer service to its Kenyan clients. The company has a dedicated team of highly qualified support agents who are available around the clock to answer any questions or queries about the services provided by Olymp Trade.

The customer service team can be reached via email, phone, or live chat. There are also a number of helpful resources available on the company’s website, including an Olymp Trade review and information about how to spot a scam.


Is Olymp Trade legit?

Olymp Trade is an international online trading platform that offers financial services and services in the Forex, stock, cryptocurrency, and commodities markets. It's been around since 2014 and is regulated by the International Financial Commission (FinaCom). The company has built a good reputation for offering traders a secure and reliable environment to trade with. 

Is Olymp Trade real or fake?

Olymp Trade Kenya is one of the best binary trading platforms in Indonesia . After getting a verified member of FinaCom in 2016, the usage of Olymp Trade has now become risk-free. It is a legitimate and regulated trading platform with several years of experience, offering traders a safe and secure environment to trade. 


With our Olymp Trade review, we have tried to cover all the aspects of choosing Olymp Trade as your next broker. However, Trading success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Having the right strategy in place is essential - from how to open orders and manage risk capital to proven tips on managing your emotions while trading. By taking control of these crucial elements you can move closer to achieving consistent profit potential with Olymp Trade Indonesia .