International broker Olymp Trade offers its consumers access to more than 100 financial products on its website. With the help of this trading software, you may learn to trade successfully and use your smartphone and PC to research, practise, and trade. In the next section how to trade in Olymp Trade using PC and Mobile.

How to Trade in Olymp Trade: PC and Mobile

Visit the platform's website to download and install the Olymp Trade desktop app on a PC. Click the "Download app for Windows" button to get to the Downloads page. Then adhere to this straightforward procedure:

How to use Olymp Trade on PC?

How to use olymp trade - The Olymp Trade terminal is available for PC and mobile installation. Versions are available for Windows and Mac (both 32-bit and 64-bit). You must have a login and password in order to access the terminal. If you don't already have one, sign up as a trader first.


To know how to use olymp trade first you install the app, following these easy steps:

Sign up/Sign in

Input your data to sign up if you already have an account; otherwise, you must enter all of your information to establish a new account.

Get starting

You will be sent to a demo account after establishing your account, where you may test out your methods. You will now discover if the price chart would trend upward or downward. Using the many tactics that can be discovered on the platform, you may chart the fluctuations. However, learning how to use candlestick charts and comprehending how they operate is the greatest and most fundamental place to start. You can utilise the website's education section to learn more about it.

How to use Olymp Trade on Mobile

The Olymp Trade app has a smartphone version for both iOS and Android.


You may just visit the Google Play app store on an Android device, put "Olymp Trade" into the Search bar, and select the "Olymp Trade - Online Trading App." Or you can just click this link to get it on your phone.


The iOS version is available on the Apple App Store, just as its Android equivalent. In a similar vein, you must type "Olymp Trade" into the search bar and choose "Olymp Trade - Online Trading" from the list of results. As an alternative, you can quickly download the app by using this link on your mobile device.


Look for "Olymp Trade - Online Trading App" on the PlayStore or App Store on how to play olymp trade. The links on the Downloads page can also be used to complete the task. Once the installation is finished as normal, use the app to log in or register. Congrats! Your Olymp Trade account is now accessible from a phone or tablet. You now have constant access to your trades.

Sign up/sign in

If you already have an account, sign up by entering your data; otherwise, you must input all of your information to create a new account.

Get starting

How to use olymp trade - The app is easy to use after you download it; to create your profile and begin trading, you must:

So, this was all about how to install the Olymp Trade app on PC and mobile, hopefully you will find the guide helpful.