Olymp Trade - Easy Verification

Opening an account with Olymp Trade is a straightforward and efficient way to begin trading. It provides various tools and resources that can assist new traders in learning about forex markets.

It offers a high-quality platform and low minimum deposit requirements. Furthermore, it is affiliated with International FinaCom (FinCom), an external dispute resolution body in the industry.

Demo account

Olymp Trade is one of the most convenient and straightforward ways to open an account with a broker. It provides various deposit methods and trading accounts, such as fixed time trades and forex currency pairs. Furthermore, it provides demo accounts for new traders to test out their strategies and make money in the market.

Demo accounts are free and contain $5000 virtual currency to give new traders a taste of the platform. They can be accessed via web interface or MT4 platform and offer an ideal starting point for trading.

Signing up with Olymp Trade is simple - all you need is your email address and password. After signing up, Olymp Trade will send you a confirmation email so that you can practice with virtual money until you feel confident using it with real funds.

It is essential to remember that when using a demo account, you must adhere to the same risk management regulations as if your trading were real. This includes not trading with more than 10% of your account capital at once and staying within any margin requirements set by the broker.

Olymp Trade provides outstanding customer support, which can be reached 24/7 through various communication channels. Customers may call the broker's hot line to speak with a support specialist or use the online chat feature for quick responses. Alternatively, they may call the company's dedicated phone number free of charge.

Demo accounts offer many features to help you learn to trade with confidence, such as a trader dashboard, real-time market analysis and the capacity to place and manage trades.

You can access a wealth of analytical tools and quotation lists to assist in making informed trading decisions. Furthermore, you can test out your abilities on the Olymp Trade simulator.

The Olymp Trade demo account is free and open for indefinite use, providing $10000 in virtual funds to test out your strategy before opening a real account.

Depositing money

On Olymp Trade, you can deposit money into your account through various methods including bank transfers, internet banking, credit cards and e-wallets. The minimum amount required for deposit is $10 but this may differ depending on the method selected.

Depositing funds to your Olymp Trade account is a fast and simple process. All that's required is signing in to your account and selecting the "Deposit" button. From there, you have complete control over payment method, amount and bonuses you wish to receive. Plus, save card details so that entering them each time makes deposits easier than ever before!

Another advantage of depositing with Olymp Trade is that you have access to various trading modes, such as Fix Time Trades, Forex and Stocks. Each has its own distinct strategies which may help you achieve success on the market.

Olymp Trade offers an additional incentive for traders to deposit money, through their bonus system that rewards traders based on deposits of certain amounts. This bonus could range anywhere from 10% to 30% depending on how much is deposited.

This is an excellent way to increase your earnings and start making more profit on the forex market. Furthermore, it gives you a unique chance to compete against users from around the world.

Olymp Trade is an innovative online broker that strives to provide traders with an unmatchedable experience. Their team of financial experts and support personnel are constantly listening to their customers' needs, constantly searching for new innovations.

Olymp Trade not only provides an outstanding platform for traders, but it also has an expansive professional community that provides tips and tricks about trading as well as helpful advice. This is an invaluable opportunity to learn from others and enhance your strategy.

The platform also features a leaderboard that lets traders compete for prizes in tournaments. Competing is fun and thrilling, plus it helps you gain XP that will grant more chances to win prizes.

If you're thinking of opening an account with Olymp Trade, the best course of action is to sign up for a demo account and get started. A demo account gives you the opportunity to test out the platform and its resources before deciding whether or not you want to move forward with real account opening. Plus, it will enable you to earn some practice money that can be withdrawn later.


Olymp Trade stands out with an innovative and user-friendly approach to online trading. It features an innovative account status system as well as a competitive insurance policy that can protect traders' funds up to EUR20,000.

The platform is also regulated by the Finance Commission (FinaCom), an external dispute resolution body that helps settle disputes between traders and their brokers. This is a unique feature among online traders as most brokers in this industry do not provide such assistance.

Olymp Trade provides traders with a diverse selection of deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as multiple accounts dedicated to specific trading modes or forms of payment. This enables them to test their strategies and determine whether they are profitable.

Registering for an Olymp Trade account requires entering your name, email address and contact number. After selecting a currency to trade on, you'll need to provide additional information as requested.

When registering with the system, it is essential to provide accurate and true personal details. Doing so will enable the system to identify you and prevent any identity theft attempts.

Once the process is complete, the system will send you a confirmation email. Use that email to log into your real account.

The system also offers a free demo account, allowing you to hone your trading skills before opening a real one. This is an invaluable opportunity to gain invaluable experience and master new strategies before risking real money with them.

If you have any queries, feel free to use their live chat support service. They are available 24 hours a day to assist with all your trading problems and issues.

Olymp Trade also provides a free demo account with virtual cash, so you can practice trading without risking any real money. The demo account gives an idea of the potential profit and loss from trading with Olymp Trade, helping you decide if opening a real account with them is worthwhile.

Account verification

As a trading platform, Olymp Trade must abide by all financial service regulations and ensure its users' security. That is why they have implemented an Know Your Customer (KYC) process which helps them confirm customers' identities.

At this stage, Olymp Trade requires you to submit documents proving your identity and address. This step helps them verify your account is legitimate and not being used for illegal activities. Furthermore, this helps them meet anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer requirements.

Begin by uploading a colored copy of your passport or ID card that displays both your name and image. Make sure the edges of the document are clear, with no cuts or cropping done.

If you need assistance, Olymp Trade provides instructions on their website or customer support via email, live chat or phone. Their team is friendly and knowledgeable; they'll help resolve any issues quickly.

Once the verification process is complete, Olymp Trade should send you a notification with all necessary documents and an estimated timeline for completion. In most cases, you'll have 14 days to finish it.

Olymp Trade may request additional documents for your account in certain situations. These could include bank or income statements, loan agreements, property sales contracts and more.

Upload photos of your debit or credit card to prove that you own it. The photo should display your name, first six digits, CVV code and expiration date. However, please note that using someone else's card for account verification violates the Client Agreement.

Once you submit all necessary documents, Olymp Trade will verify your account. At that point, you are free to make deposits and withdrawals as usual.

Verifying your account takes only minutes and is an effective way to safeguard it against fraudulence. You can even set up two-factor authentication on your profile so that no one else can log in and steal your money.