Start Trading with Olymp Trade Demo Account

A virtual Olymp Trade account is your best bet for learning the features of this robust platform at no cost. It offers you $10,000 virtual cash that you can use just like in the real account to learn to trade. It's a good starting point before you can invest your hard-earned money in a real account.

Setting Up an Olymp Trade Demo Account

The process of setting up an Olymp Trade demo account starts with fetching the correct version of the software for your device. It's important to mention that the Olymp Trade program is compatible with PC and mobile platform operating systems. These include Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Open the broker website and go to the “Downloads” page. Here you'll find download links for:

1. Mobile Devices

The portable versions of the Olymp Trade tool are hosted on various platforms. For instance, the Android version is hosted on Google Play, while the iOS app is on the App Store.

You can also get the app on Huwai AppGallery or Galaxy Store. Once you hit the download link for your portable device, you'll be redirected to the respective app store where the app is hosted. Choose the “Download” option to fetch the file.

2. Desktop

If you want to use your desktop to predict asset movements and earn, there are four options available. These include the web terminal, Mac, Windows 32-bit, and Windows 64-bit versions. Select the link for your PC's operating system to download it.

Now that you have the correct executable file on your PC or mobile device, it's time to install it.


Installing the Olymp Trade system on your laptop, desktop, or hand-held device is a no-brainer. If you're working with a mobile device, say Android, the “Install” option on Google Play gets activated once the download is completed. 

The installation process takes a few minutes regardless of your device. The challenges you may face could be related to the performance of your device or if the software wasn't downloaded properly.

Sign up/sign in

You'll need to register with Olymp Trade in order to operate a demo account with them. Luckily, this registration process takes less than a minute.

  1. Start by launching the Olymp Trade on your gadget, then hit “Start Trading” on the upper right-hand corner of the welcome screen.
  2. Choose the “Register” option on the form that appears.
  3. Fill out your email ID and create a passcode that you'll use on your account.
  4. Hit “register” to complete the process

Getting started

Once you finish the registration steps described above, the trading app will launch. Follow the prompts that appear to discover the features of the platform. This automated system walkthrough allows new users to familiarize themselves with this forex trading app.

At this stage, you can access the trading system and its resources. For instance, you can access training materials and operate a demo account. Go to the account drop-down menu next to the “Payment” button and choose the “Demo Account” option. The system sets up the account and funds $10,000 in virtual cash.

It's now time to access various assets and test this trading tool.

About Olymp Trade Demo Account

Setting up an Olymp Trade Kenya trial account has various benefits that help kick-start your trading career. Here are some quick facts about this virtual account that are necessary to know: 


What are the main benefits of a virtual account by Olymp Trade?

This type of account gives an opportunity to learn binary forex trade risk-free. You get to test your knowledge prior to risking your hard-earned cash. Additionally, there's no limit to the times you can reload your trial account with Olymp.

How to withdraw money from demo account in Olymp Trade?

Essentially, the credit in the trial account is not withdrawable. It's availed to users who want to learn how the platform works and test their forex skills. If you want to earn money on the platform, you must create an account and deposit money. Every prediction you make on the actual trading account has the potential to earn you cash. The good news is that you can withdraw your earnings without limits. To do so, go to the “Payments” section of the trading platform and select the “Withdraw” option to start the withdrawal process.

How do I trade with the Olymp Trade demo account?

The trial and real profiles on this system don't differ with regard to how to set up and close trades. Begin by selecting the asset you wish to trade in, then set the parameters of your trading position. These include the total cash you wish to invest and the duration. Now choose the price direction ie “Up” or “Down” to open the trade position.Wait for the time to elapse. If the price is n your favor, you'll win the trade. Otherwise, you'll lose the amount you invested.

Does it cost to operate an Olymp trade demo account?

Not at all! You won't spend any cash to set up or use the trial account