Olymp Trade Review

Olymp Trade is an online forex trading platform that offers a variety of assets including stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. It has a number of helpful features and training materials.

One of the main features of Olymp Trade is its risk management tools. These allow traders to manage their risks and prevent them from massive losses.


Litecoin is a peer-to-peer currency that’s used to make instant transactions and pay for goods. It’s one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and its transaction fees are lower than those of Bitcoin. It also uses a Scrypt hashing algorithm, which is much faster than the SHA-256 one used by Bitcoin.

Traders can trade Litecoin with Olymp Trade in the Fixed Time Trades mode, which lets them make a trade for a limited period of time and receive a fixed return if their forecast is correct. This mode is ideal for beginners, as it allows them to practice their skills without putting their capital at risk.

Like other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin is a highly volatile asset. Its price can fluctuate significantly by the day or even hour, making it difficult for traders to predict its future direction. However, it’s still a good choice for trading, as it has several use cases that could drive its value up over time.

The main feature of Litecoin that makes it popular with traders is its low transaction fees. This is because Litecoin’s network was created as a hard fork of Bitcoin, and the team behind it decided to adjust some of its core features to speed up transaction processing times. This included reducing the total supply to 84 million, changing the hashing algorithm, and charging lower transaction fees.

As a cryptocurrency, Litecoin is very popular and it has a significant market cap. It’s also one of the most accessible assets to traders, as it can be traded on most major exchanges. Moreover, it has a strong reputation for privacy and is relatively safe from 51% attacks. This is because it doesn’t allow hackers to change the blockchain’s history, a common attack that can destroy cryptocurrency wallets and accounts.


Cryptocurrency trading has seen a resurgence since its emergence in 2017 and is becoming a popular way to make money online. The biggest crypto is Bitcoin, which has a value of around $21,000 at the time of writing and is highly volatile.

The price of Bitcoin is dependent on supply and demand, and the amount of circulating coins in the market. The number of coins in circulation is limited to 21 million, which helps to mitigate volatility. The cryptocurrency is also highly speculative, which means that its price can rise and fall quickly.

You can trade Bitcoin on the Olymp Trade platform, which is a browser-based application that works on all major mobile devices. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, with a clear chart that shows amounts and timings.

When you open a trade on the Olymp Trade platform, you select the investment sum, trade duration and strike price. Then, click the UP or DOWN buttons to initiate your trade.

Another advantage of the Olymp Trade platform is that there are no commissions charged for trading. This makes it one of the cheapest options on the market.

The Olymp Trade platform also offers a range of educational resources and features to help you become a better trader. This includes a free demo account with $10,000 to practice with before you start investing real money.

Olymp Trade also has a VIP account for traders with a minimum deposit of PS2 000 and access to a personal consultant who can provide expert advice on trading strategies. This also allows you to make trades up to a maximum of PS5 000 per day.

Olymp Trade has won 6 prestigious industry awards for its services and offers 24-hour technical support through email, phone and live chat. It also provides clients with a 20,000 Euro indemnity.


Trading crypto has become a must-have hobby for millions of people all over the world. They have been reading crypto reviews, exploring forecasts on Bitcoin and Ethereum daily, and even switching from using traditional currencies to digital ones.

The community of crypto lovers is growing faster than ever before, and many are ready to turn crypto into their primary source of income. They know their crypto trading courses by heart, start their day with a crypto-related news article or a crypto-based forecast, and are constantly searching for new ways to make profits from this fast-growing industry.

Traders can trade 24/7 in the Fixed Time Trades mode on the Olymp Trade platform, and the company is committed to offering its users a safe and secure environment for trading their favorite cryptocurrencies. The Olymp Trade platform also features a Basic Altcoin Index, which is a unique trading instrument that helps traders balance the volatility of cryptocurrencies in their portfolios.

In addition, Olymp Trade offers competitive spreads on a standard account. However, these spreads can increase or decrease depending on the current market conditions.

Olymp Trade also provides its users with a demo account for practicing their trading skills before investing real money. This is a great way for novice traders to get familiar with the platform and develop a good strategy to trade successfully.

The Olymp Trade customer support team answers all emails within 24 hours and offers solutions to any issues the user might have. In addition, the broker allows its clients to file a complaint with FinaCom in case they have not been satisfied with their services. This is a great assurance that Olymp Trade is regulated and keeps their clients' funds secure.

Fixed Time Trades mode

Olymp Trade is a popular online broker, offering a wide range of markets and account types. They have a large community of active traders and offer a wide variety of educational resources to help you improve your trading skills.

Fixed Time Trades mode is an excellent way to make a profit by placing short-term trades on the Olymp Trade platform. It doesn’t require extensive analysis, but a trader must be willing to take a risk and follow a winning strategy.

The company also offers a variety of free resources to help you develop your skills as a trader, including live webinars, video tutorials, and online educational materials. Their innovative trading platform has helped millions of users the world over reach their financial goals.

Another great feature of the Olymp Trade trading platform is that it’s available to use on any device, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. The app is very easy to use and responds quickly during trades, making it an ideal choice for mobile traders.

In addition, Olymp Trade is a regulated broker, which means it has strict policies and regulations in place to protect its clients from scams. They are registered with FinaCom, a global financial commission that certifies and insures companies that adhere to high standards of quality.

They offer a number of analytical tools for traders, including a currency tracker. This makes it easier to monitor market trends and analyze price movements in real-time.

For beginners, the Olymp Trade demo account is an excellent way to practice their analysis skills before using their real money. The account comes with a $10,000 virtual balance, which can be used to practice trading on the website.

Customer support

Olymp Trade offers a 24-hour customer support service that can be reached via telephone, email or online chat. The customer support team works quickly and efficiently, and their replies are helpful and informative.

Olymp trade also has a free demo account where you can practice trading with virtual money and test out your strategies without risking your real funds. This is a great way to get started trading with the Olymp trade platform and see if you have what it takes to become a successful trader.

The Olymp Trade platform has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you can get the most out of your experience. It also has a minimalistic interface with smooth shapes and pleasant colors that don’t distract you from the main purpose of the platform – to help you trade.

A wide range of cryptocurrencies are available to trade on the Olymp Trade platform, including some of the biggest names in the industry: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. They are based on blockchain technology and provide global transactions, purchases, payments, speculations and more.

Fixed Time Trades mode on the Olymp Trade platform allows you to profit from price movements by setting a time frame and establishing an opening price. You can set your trade to expire in 1 minute or 3 hours and wait until the asset’s price reaches the chosen level.

Traders can multiply their profits by up to 500x by using this tool alongside Stop Loss and Take Profit measures. This creates a lucrative and secure trading opportunity, but beware of the losses that can arise if you don’t use these tools wisely.

With a mission to make the world a better place and give back, Olymp Trade has developed a trading platform that is both user-friendly and socially responsible. The broker’s user-centric approach gives traders the tools they need to grow their skills and abilities at their own pace, while interacting with a community of international and local traders who support them in their efforts.