Olymp Trade Bonus Code: Bonus & Deposit

Olymp Trade offers a variety of exciting bonuses to traders for certain acts. These bonuses are extremely useful for traders when depositing funds and trading real money.

While many users think bonuses and promo codes limit a trader’s abilities to find and use effective opportunities, it’s more of a myth. Traders eligible for bonuses usually get limited opportunities for sure, but the difference is too slight to be noticeable.

With that said, in this guide, we’ll dive deep into how to get the Olymp Trade bonus and make the most from it in 2023. Let’s get started.

How to Get Olymp Trade Bonus for Deposit?

Getting the Olymp Trade bonus requires entering a legit promo code when depositing money into your Olymp Trade account. This promo code consists of particular digits and characters. Generally speaking, it’s eligible for a limited time only. Sometimes, it’s also only available for traders in particular regions of the world.

No matter what kind of trader you are, you may benefit from one of the many Olymp Trade bonus codes. The maximum bonus offered by Olymp Trade is equal to 100% of your first deposit. So, for a deposit of $500, you’ll obtain a $1000 balance on your account.

If you have an Olymp Trade account, go to your Cabinet to claim your bonus. Select Make a deposit and enter your payment details. Once done, click Promotion Code and enter the promo code. Now, click Check Promo Code to see if your coupon is eligible for the bonus. Depending on the promo code, you’ll get a bonus in the form of a higher deposit amount. Anyhow, the Olymp Trade 100 bonus promo code and Olymp Trade 50 bonus code are the most common.

What sets Olymp Trade apart from the pack is it lets you withdraw your funds with the bonus applied, whereas its alternatives only let you withdraw the amount you deposited.

Where to Get a Bonus for Olymp Trade

Getting an Olymp Trade will require a valid coupon code. Since coupon codes are available for a limited time, you’ll need to look for them actively. 

New Bonuses

Bonus code Bonus percentage
CARDIO 30% off
SUDA30 30% off
CODE 30% off
30REAL 30% off

Can I Withdraw My Bonus From Olymp Trade?

Like most other businesses, Olymp Trade has strict withdrawal policies for bonus funds. Your only option is to invest your money and then take out just the money you've made from trading. No doubt about it, trading is fraught with peril since there's always the danger you may lose your money.

How to Use Bonus in Olymp Trade

Trading is the greatest way to take advantage of the bonus money the Olymp Trade platform provides. Using the bonus money, you may dabble in several markets and develop a basic understanding of trading with minimal risk. Get your hands on the Olymp Trade bonus by following these simple steps:

  1. Enter a valid coupon code on the payment page to get the Olymp Trade bonus.
  2. The bonus percentage amount will be added to your deposit if the coupon code works.
  3. Use this bonus to start trading in different markets. Note that the bonus amount is applicable for a limited time.
  4. Though you cannot withdraw the deposit amount, you can withdraw the profits you earn along the way.