Olymp Trade Review

Olymp Trade has been in the market since 2014 and provides a comprehensive suite of trading tools. Additionally, they provide an educational center to help traders hone their skills.

Traders on this platform can learn from explainer videos, read books and receive expert advice. Furthermore, its analysts host webinars on various trading strategies as well as share their price forecasts.

A trading platform for online trading and investments

Established in 2014, Olymp Trade is an online trading platform offering various financial derivatives like forex, CFDs and binary options. The company boasts a reputation for providing top-notch services and training resources like webinars, analyst support and economic calendars.

The broker provides a demo account for traders to hone their skills and gain more experience before trading with real money. Furthermore, clients are able to utilize various payment methods without incurring fees when deposits or withdrawals are made.

This platform is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, so you can trade while on-the-go! Its straightforward layout makes it straightforward to understand your trades. Customize your charts with graph types and colors, or get help from an analyst if needed.

Olymp Trade's customer support is available 24/7 in 10 languages, and specialists work tirelessly to answer your queries. You can reach them via live chat, phone or e-mail; response times are fast and efficient.

One of the most essential elements in trading is having an intimate knowledge and comprehension of the market. This requires staying abreast of current developments and knowing how to properly use technical indicator tools. Furthermore, you must create your own trading strategy that will enable you to profit from market fluctuations.

Olymp Trade makes it simple for new traders to get started by offering both a low minimum deposit and trade amount. This makes them an ideal option in the world of online trading.

Another advantage of this broker is that it is regulated by the International Financial Commission. This organization safeguards traders against fraudulence and unjust brokerage practices, offering up to EUR20,000 compensation in case of failure.

In addition to these advantages, Olymp Trade also provides a referral program that pays partners 50-60% of their profits when referring new customers to the broker. Registration is easy; partners will receive an individual referral link and promotional materials to share with potential clients.

Fixed Time Trades mode

Fixed Time Trades is a trading option available on the Olymp Trade platform that enables investors to monitor the financial market and open trades using relevant assets. While this mode is user-friendly, it still requires some understanding of financial markets as well as some familiarity with popular trading strategies.

The primary goal of this type of trading is to accurately forecast whether an asset will go up or down at a pre-set period. If the trader's prediction proves correct, they make money on their investment; however, if incorrect, they lose all capital invested.

This mode is ideal for novice traders who want to begin trading binary options without the risk of substantial financial loss. The broker's interface makes setting up a fixed-time trade a breeze.

Once you've chosen an instrument, determine your trade amount and time frame. You can pick any time frame between 1 minute and 23 hours; however, for beginners we suggest starting with the 5 minute chart. Furthermore, select a reference price as this will help calculate your risk tolerance.

Before investing real money with FTT, you'll need to open an Olymp Trade account. Doing so gives you access to demo mode - an excellent opportunity to test out strategies and learn more about the trading platform before risking actual funds.

Olymp Trade provides an array of underlying assets for trading, such as major and minor world currencies, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the broker has top-notch educational resources and tools designed to sharpen your trading skills so you can maximize profits.

Another fantastic feature of Olymp Trade is their personalized rewards system for active traders. This offers a range of perks, such as free webinars and a 10,000 bonus in virtual funds.

Olymp Trade is a legally registered and insured binary options broker that accepts clients from around the globe. They are regulated by FinaCom, an independent dispute resolution body. Their platform offers multiple trading instruments, competitive spreads, and generous leverage ratios.

Stop Loss and Take Profit settings

Omp Trade boasts an array of impressive features, such as its automated stop loss and take profit system. This proprietary system enables traders to set the optimal levels for their trading objectives with much less error-prone precision than manual methods can achieve. This step-by-step procedure has proven significantly more accurate than manual methods in setting these limits, thus reducing errors that often arise when setting such boundaries.

For traders who wish to test their skills before investing real money, the company offers a demo mode. This free trial period can last up to 30 days and allows you to hone your trades without risking any of your own funds. Ideally, only invest a small amount at first in order to learn more about the company and market conditions - this way, informed decisions can be made when depositing actual funds.

The great thing about Olymp Trade is that there's no software download necessary. In fact, the platform can be accessed directly through your web browser - making it a perfect option for new traders.

Deposits and withdrawals

The Olymp Trade platform provides its clients with a selection of payment methods. These include major credit and debit cards, popular e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, as well as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. With these methods, traders can deposit money and withdraw it quickly when they make profits.

Furthermore, Olymp Trade allows users to test out its platform free of charge. All that's required is signing up and providing some basic information; then trading can begin in demo mode - an ideal way to learn binary options trading without risking any real money.

Olymp Trade offers a mobile application for iOS and Android devices that enables you to access the trading platform on-the-go and watch prices move in real time. The app features all of the same features as its web counterpart, but additionally provides additional tools tailored specifically to mobile users.

Forex traders at Olymp Trade can take advantage of leverage levels up to 10 times their original investment. Leverage increases profits by enabling you to trade larger sums than what is feasible on your own, enabling you to make more money even in low volatility markets.

Another great feature of Olymp Trade is its rewards system. Active traders are given extra perks and privileges to motivate them further. These rewards include exclusive one-on-one coaching, trading tips, and market news updates.

Traders can access the platform on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. It has an intuitive interface that makes performing various tasks a breeze. Plus, it provides essential support to help you succeed in the trading industry.

Olymp Trade offers the convenience of opening a demo account in under two minutes, making it simple for both novices and experienced traders alike to test out the platform prior to investing in one. This makes the platform ideal for testing out various strategies before making any commitments.

Olymp Trade offers a low minimum deposit of $10, making it accessible even for novice traders. However, the broker won't provide many extra features until you have deposited at least $500 - meaning that you cannot trade large amounts until you have enough funds in your account to start trading.